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Science Adventure

  • Hours per week 4-5

  • Levels A1 - B1

  • American English

Science Adventure is an integrated project that simultaneously responds to the challenges of 21st century education. Developed from the principles of a student-centered educational approach, this series covers the themes, performance indicators, and DBAs established by the Ministry of Education. The series integrates English learning along with diverse contents such as life, earth and space sciences, physical sciences and technology.

Likewise, the learning objectives are structured through Bloom’s Taxonomy, guaranteeing effective and measurable learning processes.

A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2

With Science Adventure, students will:

  • understand science and mathematics as a human activity that is directly linked to their culture and environment.
  • develop scientific skills through practice and conducting experiments.
  • practice and improve their communicative skills in the foreign language through current and meaningful topics.
  • reinforce concepts, content, pronunciation and listening comprehension through podcasts.

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