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  • Hours per week 6-10

  • Levels 6

  • American English

Wemaths is a learning experience that connects students to mathematics through engaging activities, meaningful narratives and emotional components. Its methodology based on problem solving is made up of different phases, starting from the identification and activation of previous knowledge, the practice and application of what has been learned and the formative evaluation that allows the consolidation of learning from measurable data.

Wemath gets family involved in the students’ learning process through storytelling and specific guidance in order to develop stronger emotional bonds with the subject.

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With Wemaths, students will:

  • develop mathematical reasoning skills through everyday problem solving and collaborative work.
  • understand mathematical concepts in a gradual and formative way, becoming active agents in their own learning process.
  • acquire and develop logical mathematical thinking through work with concrete, pictorial and abstract representations.

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Math Superpowers


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Teacher's Guide


Learn more about Wemaths: Teacher's Guide

Learn more about Wemaths: RLP

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